Frequently Asked Questions about Campus Web


How does this site work?

All the information comes directly from the <%=txt_institution_name%> live administrative database.  Therefore, everything you see is automatically updated all the time. 

What is Automatic Session Timeout

Whenever your session remains inactive (you don't request any pages) for longer than <%=session_timeout / 60%> a certain amount of time, you will be logged out automatically. This time limit is for your own safety, preventing anyone else from seeing or changing your information. It covers you if you happen to leave your computer without logging out properly.

If the session expires on you and sends you to the logout message page, you may simply enter again as many times as you wish. The system will assign a new session to you; anything you did earlier is saved by the system. You will not lose your work in progress.

What happens if my browser or computer crashes while I am in here? Any danger?

Nothing to worry about. Simply restart it and enter again if you wish. Anything you were doing is automatically saved.

How do I add courses?

For a specific course, use the course search link. The program verifies that space is still available in that section, checks some other basic permissions, and then offers you the option to add it.  For more information see, How to Add a Course.

If you are adding several courses in the same visit here, it is best to add the most crucial courses first: those which you absolutely must have to graduate and those which might become full quickly.

What is the fastest way to look up a course?

Note its Request Number. It is a unique number assigned to each section in a school term. This is displayed here in Campus Web (course detail pages) and may also appear in printed materials (such as class registration schedules). You may enter it into the marked box on the fast search form. This bypasses the normal course-search method and takes you directly to that section.

How do 'waiting lists' work?

The program stamps all your entries by date and time and students on the waiting list for a course are in a definite order from earliest request to latest. The Registrar then considers this and other information and moves students into the course by discretion if spaces become available. You may come back into Campus Web at any time to see if you have been moved up from the waiting list.

If you are on a waiting list and then drop that entry from your schedule, this action tells the Registrar that you are willing to forfeit your place in line for that course. If you re-add yourself to the waiting list, you will now be at the end of the line instead of in your earlier position.

Something doesn't add up! What if I've found a total which looks wrong?

It's in the database that way and should probably be recalculated by an office process. Please notify the administrator who is responsible for that information and give as much detail about the problem as you can. Campus Web does not do any of its own arithmetic (other than the GPA Calculator, which uses numbers you enter yourself); it simply reports what is already stored in the database.

Why does a course I took not show up on my grades page?

It would not appear on your Grade Report page if the course is outside your usual academic division. In that case, click through to look at the separate page for your grades in that other division. It is of course also possible that the grade has not been turned in yet or that it hasn't made its way entirely through the Registrar's system yet.

How does the GPA Calculator work?

It is a simple JavaScript program running in your browser. Based on your grade report, it copies your known GPA and credit hour total into its own boxes. Then you can enter other values to play with the possibilities. The GPA Calculator doesn't send these numbers anywhere; it merely shows them to you. Your browser's capability to run scripts must be turned on if you wish to use the GPA Calculator.

How is it determined which students get to register at what times?

That is decided by your administrators before each term begins. They have policies that assign groups of students to dates and times. Campus Web then looks at those definitions when you log in, checking if you are in a group that is currently allowed to do drop/add.

Where can I send comments about the Campus Web design?

We certainly want to hear your comments, questions, and suggestions! Please send e-mail to; and it will be forwarded to the designers who will consider your ideas for future versions!


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